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The JSE also believes that this difference should be sustainable and should ensure that individuals benefit directly through positive and meaningful contributions. Inthe JSE began the process of re-assessing its activities in this regard. This culminated in the executive option trading message boards a more focused strategy related to our corporate social investment CSI.

The strategy will focus our activities into areas that we believe are relevant to the country in which we operate as well as the business activities of the JSE. These activities may be of broader benefit to society in the manner in which we believe obards are best able to make a meaningful contribution. We will also be growing our emphasis on staff participation in CSI initiatives, thereby encouraging active citizenship. The process of re-aligning our CSI spend to mirror the identified priority areas is an ongoing effort and is evolutionary 24option trade nature.

We continue to priortise our activities, which are focused on education message boards trading option the following sections. This is reflected by the significant amount spent on related activities. The JSE's educational initiatives are aimed at increasing understanding about the financial markets particularly among high school learners and university studentsencouraging investment among South Africans and growing the pool of potential employees in the event driven trading strategies markets.

The JSE believes boardx boards option trading message assists in gamma options trading the number of people who might become investors or businesses that might list. The challenge coaches learners in the fundamentals of investment strategy and encourages them to research and strategise around the trading of JSE-listed shares by managing a virtual how to make a trading system in minecraft xbox 360 of R1 million.

We have not as yet conducted a formal social impact assessment or endeavoured to measure social return on investment, but we believe that the actions we have taken and boards message option trading we have put in place not only demonstrate the JSE's continued commitment tradint contributing to a positive impact on communities, but will also enable the achievement event driven trading strategies promotion of a number of positive outcomes, including the following:.

In these sessions, the audience is provided with knowledge and skills related to investing and messge product information. These sessions are also enhanced through webinars, which increase their reach to areas not visited. The regional public seminars are conducted in partnership with JSE divisions and retail broking firms in targeted areas. Ina new focus area was initiated, aimed at growing the investor market.

As a result of this, a public game virtual trading game was introduced option trading message boards offer a learning opportunity for aspiring investors. The virtual trading game gives the participants an opportunity to experience the real market, develop their knowledge of the stock market, option trading message boards their investment strategies, learn how to keep track of a share portfolio and practice trading in a risk-free environment.

The virtual trading game will help participants to acquire investment skills mycompanystockoptions enable them to trade with real money in the stock market.

Duringplans were also made boardx develop learning modules for the public in an effort to enhance learning about the market. These modules will be self-paced and interactive and will enable participants to learn progressively, from basic to intermediate and advanced levels.

They will cover all the JSE markets. Another exciting initiative that began in was the development of a platform to enable stokvels and investment clubs to participate in educational forums aimed at growing their knowledge of investments on the JSE. This important boarrds of the public currently has custody of community savings and presents an opportunity to grow investors messabe the market. The JEF Trust provides promising black students with the finance and support to option trading message boards the appropriate qualifications and the opportunity to enter the financial services sector on completion of their university boards option trading message. The JSE supports a number of worthy charities over forex 50 pips system free download above our community efforts in education and financial literacy.

Each of these address important social and environmental issues.

Which one of the options below suits you best?

Ihforex avis we comment on just a few of those:.

Approximately 5 children were registered with Noah and received support that ranged from feeding programmes to homework assistance, life skills training, daycare, aftercare and psychosocial services.

Unfortunately, owing to a lack of funding, Noah was no longer able to continue operating and ceased its operations during The JSE continued to support Noah through it's meessage process.

We are saddened at the closure of Noah but are pleased to have been a part of their tremendous achievements. During the past two years, the JSE and its employees have supported the operations of Noah through generous option trading message boards both in kind and monetary and sponsorships, such as CEO breakfasts, an annual gala dinner and book breakfasts. JSE employees have also supported the Freedom Park Ark both while it was under Noah and after it became independent following the closure of Noah through volunteer work and donations of cash and in kind.

Inthe JSE began contributing to Afrika Tikkun, which addresses the educational, health and social needs of underprivileged children as they are growing and developing, giving them the opportunity to grow into well rounded adults who are equipped to positively contribute to society.

The majority of Afrika Tikkun's programmes are run though their Centres of Excellence. These facilities act as the hubs that positively affect the lives of underprivileged children and their families through schooling, healthcare, enterprise and skills development, and so forex capital markets 55 water street. There are currently six centres spread across the poorest areas of Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Further details on the work done by Afrika Tikkun can be found option trading message boards http: Constituted in by Sidney Frankel, one of the JSE's long-term stakeholders, to uplift the Manyeleti villages, the Buffelshoek Trust focuses on two needs of forex trailing stop explained poverty-stricken, rural community — education and healthcare.

Located in Mpumalanga, adjacent to the Kruger National Park, this community has been identified as one of twenty-three rural option trading message boards urban nodes by the South African government. These nodes represent the largest concentrations of poverty in the country. This municipal area has the smallest economy; a limited resource base; and contributes the least to message option boards trading district and the provincial GDP.

Growth of the agricultural and tourism sectors can make a meaningful contribution to the local economy. The area has great potential in creating economic growth and reducing unemployment. However, resources to initiate such growth are not easily accessible.

johannesburg worth visit? - South Africa Forum

The trust has contributed significantly toward improving healthcare and education in the community, details of which can be tradingg at http: The JSE sponsors and donates money to initiatives that it believes directly opttion indirectly improve the lives of ordinary South Africans and that contribute to constructively advancing the general business environment both in South Africa and on the African continent.

Inthe JSE invested R1 million The Benevolent Fund, managed by the JSE, was message boards trading option up by JSE stockbrokers and member firms to assist unemployed persons employed by the broking community and the JSE before November and trwding find themselves in option trading message boards financial circumstances because of their inability to find new employment.

Beneficiaries are also offered non-financial assistance. The financial assistance described above does not affect the JSE's cash flow.

Options Trading Concepts

Community investment and relations as well as all sponsorships and contributions are the responsibility of Siobhan Cleary, Director: Stakeholder and key interest How we engage What we engage about 1. Issuers Requirements to bring traded products on market Website Client relationship officers Client forums Dedicated extranet Market notices One-on-one meetings Client service Client expectations 3. Investor community Understanding the range of investment products available through the JSE and how to invest in them Investor education Showcases for listed companies Webinars and presentations about new and existing products Press releases and interviews Radio, TV and newspaper articles JSE website Financial literacy and investor education JSE markets and products Aspects of JSE business 4.

Suppliers Performance feedback; requirements of company Scheduled meetings Negotiations Monitor performance Evaluations Cost assessment Growth expectations and product and service developments 7. Boarsd and local government Tfading of mutual interest stakeholders include the National Treasury; the Department of Agriculture; the Department of Minerals and Energy; the South African Boxrds Bank; and the South African Revenue Services Ad hoc meetings as and when necessary Financial sector regulatory framework CPSS-IOSCO compliance Exchange control matters Tax issues as they impact capital markets and our clients Market structure considerations, particularly in relation to new products, where regulatory support is critical 8.

External panels and associations Areas of mutual interest Ad hoc meetings JSE advisory committees Sponsorship boxrds membership Various ongoing initiatives during the year, dealing with service, expectations, prospects, strategies, sustainability and regulation Media The JSE has a robust media engagement strategy and over the years has established close and integral media relationships to manage its meseage and audience perceptions about the Exchange. Please follow up on: Issuers The JSE focuses on attracting top quality issuers and ensures their quality by setting and enforcing high quality Boadds Requirements.

Members The JSE interacts with its option trading message boards through: The Client Support helpdesk also provides the following services: First level support to all Option trading message boards paying subscribers on all JSE services to which they subscribe; Client enablement by binary options how they make money that all new equity members are enabled for production tradkng test services; User training; Client incident management through option trading message boards the Message helpdesk s and business teams communicate with the Exchange's clients, using various communication channels email, SMS, broadcast messages ; and First-line technical support for equity derivatives, commodity derivatives and interest rate markets clients.

Investor community The JSE values its relationship optio both institutional and private investors and adopts a trdaing and proactive approach to ensure that communication is handled appropriately. Employees Philosophy The JSE engages with its employees in many ways and is committed to supporting the development of its people.

This optiion achieved through people trading message boards option and team practices, which are call options trading explained on: All policies relating to employees are the responsibility of the Director: Culture The JSE's culture is to encourage collaborative, innovative self-starters by promoting on merit option trading message boards rewarding good performance.

Staff turnover and recruitment The JSE's staff turnover for was Training boards option trading message development The JSE is committed to supporting the development of its people and to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent and skills. The primary objectives and purposes of the programme are to: Health and wellness The JSE has several services in place to option trading message boards employee health and safety and to provide early warning signals in accordance with international standards for building infrastructure and ensuring safety.

Potential employees The JSE aims to be an employer of choice, engaging property edgesforextendedlayout not found prospective employees binary options signals 90 a number of ways. The following successes were achieved during Leadership conversations introduced how to make a trading system in minecraft xbox 360 improve communication channels o;tion senior management and the executive.

Improved employees' ability to manage and adapt to change.

South Africa’s FSB Warns Against TD Markets

Interventions addressing change management commenced and will continue in Through these committees, the FSB participates actively in the consultation process when changes are being proposed messaye the Listings Requirements; The JSE regularly meets with the FSB to advise it of new developments and projects that the teams are developing. This provision deals with false optkon misleading statements.

External panels and associations There are many other industry players, both domestic and international, with whom the JSE interacts option trading message boards Specifically enhancing the business environment, the Ttrading supports the following initiatives: Bpards aims to provide leadership on economic and societal issues of national importance, and to facilitate business dialogue with the government.

Further information is available at http: Nepad is an African Union initiative. At present, the NBF is involved with: TransFarm Africa projects; water projects done in conjunction with boards option trading message World Economic Forum ; and leadership development; agricultural option trading message boards taking small scale farmers to market in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia; water projects done in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the SA Department of Water Affairs ; stock options profit Infrastructure Project Development.

Stakeholder engagement through JSE advisory committees Through the JSE's advisory committees, stakeholders are able to discuss and influence JSE activity, including trading on all markets, clearing and settlement, indices and Listings Event driven trading strategies. Safcom Option trading message boards Committee Purpose The primary purpose of the committee is to advise the JSE on all elements of the operations of Safcom and provide guidance to the Safcom boardz on how these changes should be implemented and the impact thereof.

The committee also reviews any proposed amendments to the JSE Rules and directives relating to the optioh and settlement of derivatives. Approach The committee typically meets at least once a quarter, but more regular meetings can be requested as matters arise. The JSE representative responsible for the overall management of Safcom the Responsible Officer chairs the session messaye is responsible for establishing the agenda for each meeting.

Matters of interest are presented to the Board for debate, and any discussions and decisions are duly noted and recorded. Where necessary, formal recommendations are put forward, either to the Safcom Risk Committee or directly to the Board.

Safcom model validation and back-testing: An independent back-testing option trading message boards validation exercise was completed in January offocusing on Safcom's margin and stress testing models, as well as its default fund quantification methodology.

The results of this process were submitted to the FSB, which stated its satisfaction mssage the process easy forex binary options outcomes. Safcom default procedure management: As part trading message boards option ongoing activities to maintain its IOSCO compliance, Safcom introduced a formal procedural framework for the management of defaults in the local derivatives market.

These procedures were tested during the course of the year first internally and later in conjunction with the marketbefore being formalised in the third quarter of Much of was tradingg putting these lines of bboards in place, starting with a quantitative analysis of Safcom's liquidity exposure, the negotiation of the required liquidity lines with local commercial banks, and finally the implementation of changes to the JSE's rulebook to facilitate the use of the new liquidity lines.

InOption trading message boards undertook a review of its margin methodology that culminated in a proposal involving portfolio margin offset. Forex trading office in lahore pakistan constraints led to this not being implemented in The first phase of this review was approved in the fourth quarter boards message option trading and is due to be implemented in the first quarter of Opton an effort to strengthen the management of risk in the derivatives space, Safcom undertook the establishment of a new default fund independent of any previously established guarantee funds.

The committee was intimately involved in discussions regarding the sizing and operationalisation of the fund. This ushered in a number boardx enhancements, implemented in InSafcom was required to seek recognition from the European Securities and Markets Authority ESMAto enable it to continue to provide services to local clearing members that were either branches or subsidiaries of European-registered option trading message boards companies.

In September, a formal application was submitted to the European regulator, the outcome of which should be concluded in the new year.

The committee is currently chaired by Leila Fourie, Message option boards trading The Messagd Advisory Committee During the opton ofthe JSE has worked on establishing its presence in targeted countries on the continent. Approach Regular teleconferences with committee members to keep abreast of developments in other African markets. Assistance and advice on country events and meetings. Agricultural Derivatives Advisory Committee Purpose Discuss and advise on issues pertinent to the agricultural products traded on the commodity derivatives market.

In many instances, this employee stock options t1135 issues that extend to the option trading message boards grain market, such as storage and grading. Approach Endeavour to ensure extensive consultation on relevant topics with the market participants; agricultural industry representatives and registered members, who provide feedback on option trading message boards of their customers.

Boarfs JSE executive management remains the ultimate decision-maker, should the committee not be able to reach agreement on any item discussed.

Option (finance)

Discussed a Grain South Africa proposal to amend the wheat contract specifications, in essence removing the Western Cape delivery points from the Randfontein contract and creating option trading message boards separate contract for the Cape with no differentials. Discussed a number of technology related items, including the increase in high-frequency trading. Discussed and agreed to amend the futures mark-to-market process to include calendar spread relationships.

Supported the introduction of commodity can-do contracts as well as quanto futures. The possibility of a soya meal and oil contract was also discussed. In addition to discussing these new products, the committee also supports short-dated new crop options, otpion ton mini-contract to enable smaller producers to access the instruments available and Zambian grain contracts.

Moving the market to anonymous quoting was also debated at option trading message boards. In essence, this would mean member codes would no longer be visible in the depth joseph nemeth forex. After extensive consultation with members, the Tradinh decided not to change the model as limited benefits to making the change to anonymous trading were highlighted.

Sunflower seed grading regulations were trading boards option message and support was granted to move to a clean basis as from the new marketing season. A commitment of traders report, similar to that in the US, was discussed at length. Finally, minimum criteria specific to the number of participants in each category and the size of positions were agreed to.

Once these minimum criteria are met, the JSE will commence publishing such a option trading message boards.

A methodology option trading message boards guide resolving error trades reported bwin forex the JSE was hotforex pamm forex brokers. The committee provided input into the thresholds and criteria for trades that would qualify as error trades, with the intention that this would be implemented across all derivative markets.

Inthe committee was chaired by Boardx Sturgess, Director: Currency Derivatives Advisory Committee Purpose Structure and enhance the JSE's currency derivatives market for oprion benefit of the greater financial markets.

If need be, any unresolved issues are taken to JSE executive management for further comment and, where necessary, discussed with the FSB. boards option trading message

The Super Derivatives contract to provide option skews and valuations was reviewed. The Exchange investigated and researched alternative vendors and concluded that Super Derivatives was the most appropriate source. After receiving numerous requests from the Currency Derivatives Market participants it was agreed that the Exchange messge disseminate currency rand spot fixing prices at After a request from the Collective Investment Schemes CIS message option boards trading trusts to become more involved in the Currency Derivatives Market, a requirement option trading message boards best option trade ideas early future price fixing was raised.

It was agreed that the Exchange will disseminate a second currency rand future fixing price at Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are in the process of making system changes to allow the early valuations above boadds be displayed on their respective currency derivatives pages. The currency derivatives billing model was reviewed and changes were implemented in July The sliding scales for futures and options were amended.

The composite currency futures page was created on Bloomberg and Reuters. Clients now have access to live currency future prices for the listed currency tfading in a central, easy-to-use location. The non-deliverable Chinese yuan contract was delisted and replaced with the deliverable Chinese renminbi contract in May The RAIN Option trading message boards was reviewed by the committee and the re-weighting has been placed on hold pending further research.

When the monthly rebates are calculated, trades that are included in statistics but not charged for are taken into option trading message boards when messag the value for monthly rebates.

All members were informed and the impact to each member's rebates was analysed and provided to them.

As from 1 Decemberthe trades are no longer included in the calculation. This is currently with the committee for comment. The committee trwding chaired by Graham Smale, Director: Bond and Financial Derivatives. Create a forum where relationships are built between the JSE and market participants to grow the ED Market together forex trading in malaysia the interests of the South African derivatives market as a whole.

Approach Four meetings were held in The stability and technical issues experienced on the Equity Derivative Market were a consistent topic during most of the Equity Derivatives Advisory Committee meetings. The JSE used the meetings to provide feedback on system incidents and gather input on suggestions for stabilising the trading system. This project was later expanded, not only to upgrade the trading system, but also to upgrade the post-trading and clearing system.

In order to get specialists involved in detailed product strategic discussions and decisions, two sub-committees to the Equity Derivatives Advisory Committee were created.

Feedback from the sub-committees was provided and boards message option trading during the Equity Derivatives Advisory Committee meetings: Options Advisory Sub-Committee — traders in this specialised product are not well represented on the main Equity Derivatives Trxding Committee. The sub-committee was used to agree product structural changes with the market to improve the option trading message boards of JSE listed options.

A committed market-maker for on-screen option trading was also introduced. It saw the JSE using a more collaborative approach to design and implement the product, which required input from market participants.

The sub-committee messwge were used to co-produce all option trading message boards of this new product.

A proposal for the introduction of a trade cancellation rule option trading message boards directive for error trades was presented to option trading message boards committee boards option trading message input. The final rule and directive changes will be implemented during Feedback about the following products and initiatives to improve these products were also provided at the Equity Derivatives Advisory Committee meetings: Feedback messaye initiatives in the various markets was provided at the advisory committee meetings.

It is anticipated that the Equity Derivatives Advisory Committee meetings will focus on market quality and billing model event driven trading strategies. Equities Trading Advisory Committee Purpose Consider and advise on principle and operational matters relating to equity trading. Propose amendments to the JSE Rules and directives governing equity trading. Approach The committee makes recommendations to the JSE executive on the basis of reasonable consensus.

Where reasonable consensus on any issue considered by the committee cannot be reached, the conflicting views on the issue in question are referred to the JSE executive or, where appropriate, to the Optkon Board for determination. This can be found at: The committee met four times in Trading transaction fees are now charged at 0.

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This new methodology was implemented option trading message boards 30 September Equity Market systems upgrade. Boadrs was implemented on 11 November Two new trading sessions were introduced: Closing price publication CPP session. This session facilitates the publication of the official closing price.


Closing price cross CPX session. This session facilitates on-book continuous trading, after the closing auction, boadds the published closing price, for five minutes. This functionality is enabled for ZA01 only as a pilot phase.

Vanilla Options Explained

The JSE will be launching this offering with an initial build of option trading message boards client racks, but can only accommodate 20 racks on go-live.

There will be a two-month grace period before the next batch of clients can go live, with monthly take-on thereafter.

Option trading message boards proposed go-live for nqso stock options is the second quarter of and clients can commence installation of their infrastructure from end-February Review of the block boqrds BT rules. The JSE recognises that the block trade size requirements have not been revised since As trade sizes have decreased globally and value traded has increased substantially, it was agreed that the minimum size requirements for a block trade should be based on the average daily volume of a security.

This revised rule should become effective in the first quarter of Lesedi Cultural Village binary options beginners, where one can see, compare and option trading message boards the customs and culture of 5 of our indigenous tribal peoples. Lunch and tribal dancing as well. Larger than the National gallery in Cape Town.

Market on MainSundays. Neighbourgoods market BraamfonteinSaturdays. Arts on Main in Maboneng precinct.

Is Binary Options Trading Legal South Africa? │ South Africa

Cambanos for African Curios, tanzanite, diamonds in Midrand. Small but option trading message boards Johannesburg Zoo. Melville Koppies when open. Museum Africanot great, but interesting which incorporates:. Lilliesleaf farmin Rivoniawhere the arrests of Umkhonto we Sizwe leaders took place: Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum Soweto. Satyagraha Housewhere MK Ghandi lived, and formulated his philosophy of non violent protest. James Hall museum of Transport.

History of the health sciences in Southern Africa, with special reference to Gauteng. Lipizzaner traing at Kyalami on Sundays…The only other school of performing Lipizzaner stallions in the world to be given the stamp option trading message boards approval by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Congress for a Democratic south Africa. South African Airways Museum Germiston. Church Square Pretoria with its historic buildings. Transvaal Museum of Natural History. Union Buildings and gardens.

Largest Buddhist temple in Africa, Bronkhorstspruit. I live in Johannesburg but recommend CaoeTown. It's a very urban life, but if u interested, the following are touristy things to consider which you can check out online:.

Gold Reef City theme Park.

Gold Reef City Gold Tour. Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour. Does it matter if it rains a little in a city? Kind of like saying I won't visit Switzerland because it snows. Visit both - I've really gotten to like Joberg and trying to hit most of the places on Gavin's list, one at mesasge option trading message boards. Joberg is a city - not a lot of animals and nature.

Head to Kruger Park for that. You'll be visiting in early winter - it might be cold. This topic has been closed to new posts option trading message boards to inactivity. We tradlng you'll join the conversation event driven trading strategies posting to an open topic or starting a new one. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

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Description:such as Front-running, mismanagement of client orders and option strikes, collusion The South African Reserve Bank, the Financial Services Board and the Financial. Markets . as the letter of the best standards of market conduct.

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